Saturday, September 5, 2009

What is Social Design?

Social Design is all able designing for the world.

Like how this class was called...

Design like you give a damn.

Lemme change that....... design like you give a SHITTTTTT.... is more like it.

This topic is all about making shit that is going to change our world and improve mankind and everything about us.

This is not just about improving us. But help everyone, even just the third world countries.

What I like is that Amartya Sen said that poverty is seen as the deprivation of capabilities.

DUDE... America is not poor when it comes to capability. We're poor cos we dont do shit. We're poor in the sense of acting on shit. It took the Black Civil Rights movement till the fuckin 1960's for some shit to go down. And that's big. Well when it comes to helping based on art. SHITS are not gonna get done.

What we need to do with this is to make social design in our lives. Make a living an something that people need to have... that way they spend money that is going to help us help them.

We just need to make shit that is going to change people's lives. We need to change the way we live.

NOW... im gonna talk about why I have that Postsecret picture.

to many people, they might be think that post secret is just post secret. but its so much more. soo many people do it to change other people's lives. and what i think of this portcard that is very social design was the fact that this individual is letting us know that whether they are handicap or not. they are not weak. WE ARE NOT WEAK.

and i thnk that is jsuch a social design factor. to me... social design is making a difference. and this postcard is making a difference.

Creative Caffeine

When I went to so many places to take pictures, what I thought was a bit funny was how we Americans are really ironic.

Problem 1: ... we say shit like, "We need to be skinny. We need to be healthy. We need to be size two." I understand that people are fat here in America. We complain about it but dont do shit. And we always talk about portion control... and we dont do shit to change it. I love it when we tell people that being Americans, "...we can help them change their lives like in Iraq, we need to promote democracy..." if you wanna help people with their shitty problems... PLEASE help our own country first.

We think its important on how we need to save lives on a worldly basis like ours. AKA trying to stop nuclear weapons. I understand that. Of course, but when we go and "spread democracy"... please... that totally doesnt help us. Then we say that we're trying not to be selfish... DUDE... in this world... we need to be selfish. If we're selfish in the sense of helping our people with health, I believe that this is so rewarding.

We think that being fat doesnt kill us... ARE YOU FUCKIN INSANE?

There are so many kids in this country that will be growing up obese and has a very high chance of dying at the age of 40 years old. Im not sure why people dont think that its important but I believe that if your ass is here till your 40 while others are here till they're 70, I think thats a bit of a problem.

And with this, it starts in our home, our school, our environment, that's why this nation need to step in and intervene with our unhealthy choices.

Problem 1.5:

We talk about how we need to focus on inner beauty and not give a shit... well it aint gonna happen when our world is revolving around beauty and cosmetology.

Its like Maybelline: Maybe she's born with it... maybe its Maybelline.... well theyre saying that we're not pretty.

Problem 2: If we have a law stating we cannot drink or use alcohol until the age of 21... then why the fuck would you have a liquor store right next to the grocery shop?

Lemme answer that... because its easy. That's why we do it. You're fucking insane. And in so many homes, there are parents who have alcohol lying around in the same cabinet as snacks. These parents are the same ones that tell their kids to not drink when they go out and be responsible, or dont drink and drive. How funny is that when parents are a model of their kids and they should be showing the kids... not just telling tho kids. Its ridiculous.

What we need to do is that, there should be a law that states, no drinking alcohol while a minor is present at the same table or something. There are kids that are mature for their age and there are kids that are immature for their age.

We need to be careful of that.

Just to clearify, I dont drink alcohol that much.

But... I think we need to lower tho age limit to 18. Kids these days' I think the reason a lot of kids drink is because its not legal. Already gone through that stage in my life... yes I wanted to becauses I wasnt suppose to do it. Also because my friends did it. We need to change kids' minds to think differently. That starts with parenting.

Problem 3: Recycling

NOOOOOO.... dont tell me that spreading your fucking trash is hard. Its not hard. Throwing shit away in one trash can is just more convenient. Why are we stressing on recycling when we dont do shit to change it?

When you go to Japan, they have trash cans for everything they can recycle. Its in their system to do it. Its not even forced. Its something that is just natural.

Need a solution?????? Well I just told you.... emulate Japan.

OH OH addition to that... sometimes people need more education an things. There are things that we're not sure if we can recycle... so its more convenient for us just to throw it in the garbage and not think twice.

Here are the pics:

See what i was trying to get at.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Designers, Visionaries + Other Stories Foreword/Intro

From reading this, what I thought was how we as designers are affecting the world this much. Bruce Nussbaum talk about how we fuck up his word. I totally fucking agree.

This intro focuses on how we affect the world physically, I agree with that but what I think is worse is the fact that its affecting us mentally and emotionally.

We all have a choice but our responds are always "No I dont have a choice"... thats all bullshit. They say that its our job thats on the line. Well if we dont act now... this is our lives on the line.

The article talks about what I just talked about... making up excuses on the fact that they dont have a choice which they always do.

Everything from advertisement, commercials and even when they say the MAC laptop is going green... its greener but they are also correct at the fact that there are matters, energy, and sooo many other shit in it that would be better for something else. And while doing this... its taking all the damn resources.

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're dumbasses including myself..... I know I'm a fuckin Hypocrite cos I love MACs but as soon as the advertisement design by people said that its the greenest laptop suddenly people start to care. DUDE, we say how we wanna go green... but what we're doing is still not green. Its green-ER not green.

Its like say that Tyra Banks is fat now... NOOOOOOO she's fat-TER. NOT FAT!

I love how they mention that there are designers who feel bad and try to change.

The keyword is Try. The author said how we need to get up and make changes. But seriously, people arent even aware of the facts like these things that they are doing. HOW FUCKIN IRONIC. This guy is helping our planet. HOW??

Well, he is educating us about the fact that we didnt even know... that I didnt even know. He is telling us of how ridiculous we are to buy a product that kills our planet when we preach about saving it. Just because they say its greener... doesnt mean that its gonna help our world.

But we can look at the sense of... could we really get it 100% green???? Thats the question that we need to find a solution to.

At the Design exhibit in London in 2006, 53% said that we went be able to go 100% green and the other 47% think that we can.

Whats the answer??? No one fuckin know at this point.

The author mentions the fact that it all starts with the design to make it green. And its hard to buy green shit. This is where I disagree with the author. Its fuckin hord to design green product too.

Are you kidding me?

If we're gonna go green... we need to figure out a way for us to go back to the man cave era for christ's sake.

And how are we gonna be saving the damn world and be happy with less technology? (most technologies arent green.)

As humans, we love technology. And we're selfish. It would take an empire of mankind to go back to the original way to make this Earth healthy and everyone is wayyyy tooo selfish to do that. Ridiculous!!!!

We wanna think about the world but we are warped into our happiness and we forget about others. Lets be real... if you have a business and you want it to sell. You dont give a shit about global warming or the other shit that comes with it. We think "ohhhh just let other people do it"... we all fuckin think that. It is fuckin crazy. Everyone is selfish.

Ok... now talking about organizations that help this world... BULLSHIT.

I agree with the author.... they dont do shit. They brag about how... theyre TRYING to help the world.

Again...... TRYING is the keyword. But they dont CHANGE shit. They TRY to change shit, but it dont work.


Lemme say a bit about shit like ohhhh we cant do this and that. they say shit like that cos Its MONEYY.

I mean i understand that GW Bush screwed us with debt. But America spends money on shit like war and terrorists that dont exist.......................... and we can do more research and/or produce more shit that is green.

LIKE shit that use wind and solar power.

WE have it but doesnt want to expand it.... YEAH and we spend countless shitty hours on WAR and Sadam who isnt connected with osama/chickenshit.


This essay definitely says... we need to change our lives. THANKS...

There may be a part 2 cos i wanna say more, to be honest.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sexual Offenders

So I was reading this article in the newspaper and it was talking about Registries for sex offenders.

The issue that came up was how are we going to keep track of these individuals.

The states require these people to send them in a postcard every year, reporting where they are at. That is the only contact that is really necessary but lemme ask you... are you fucking shitting me??

According to the newspaper and to myself, there is a problem for people because these people could just lie. And when the lying is in affect, we dont fuckin know where these people are, even though if you're gonna have a sex offender locator. That's issue number 1.

Phillip Garridos is this sex offender who kidnap this girl 20 years ago. And stuck her in this tent in his backyard. And of course, the cops have paid his house visits, but didnt find this girl.

Are you kidding me?????

More on this topic, there are 100,000 sex offenders unregistered. There are over 650000 sex offenders. And wanting to locate sex offenders are hard.

Know why?? There are different types because there are people who rape children and there are people who were naked in public in front of their house.

See the problem with the sex offender registrations?????