Sunday, September 27, 2009

AIDS vaccine tested in thailand

sooo.... for the past 3 years... theyve been in thailand... of course where would you like to be. other than the prostitution capital of the world.

what they did was that they gave a group of people the AIDS vaccine which would help them "protect" against AIDS... and a group was given placebo.

the thing with it is that they all were given to use condoms.

with the group that was given the AIDS vaccine... there were 33% less in getting AIDS or HIV.


But the problm that i see is the fact that everyone were to use condoms but what if we cant guarantee that they use candoms everytime.... itslike... then whats the point?

The Moon and Water

How cool is the world these days???

the moon shows signs of water. how cool is that??? isnt that like totally cool??

the thing with their water is alittle bit diffrent than ours.

what they have is really not water. instead of having 2 hydrogen, it has 1 but it still has oxygen. a way to put this is that it is not one hundred percent stable. cos anyone who knows about atoms.... with just one hydrogen... the molecule is not stable.

maybe in the future.... if it was more stable and that there are more presences of water... maybe.. there could be a future settlement on the moon. but it definitely will be a long long wayy to go.