Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Design Within Reach: Mix or Match

The second store I went to was this place, Design Within Reach.

Their thing was a bout mixing and matching which was cool.

Out of all the three places... I can imagine working here the most because it was really different in terms of furniture. If you go to other furniture stores, they have simple things but they are not cool. The people who work for this company, they put simple but in a different way. Its not just about having a chair that is functional but a chair that is functional and cool. Something that is different.

This is what's cool about this place. Its the middle ground between art, function, and the nature of that object.

One of the pieces that I fell in love with was this artichoke lamp. It was sooo cool. It was very industrial looking but it has that organic thing too because of the nature of the shape.

Thats why its called the artichoke.

The next thing that I love is this gigantic lamp.

It looks like a table lamp but this company made it really big so it could become the main light source. And it is using one only light bulb. So you're using the same amount of light but its covering more area. Two words: Greenly Fabulous

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guerilla Proj so far

I decided that I am going to be doing the idea of being comfortable in your own skin.

How I came about with that is when I was thinking whether which one would affect people's lives more. And to me... I would want to tell them that they are beautiful then keep telling them something that everyone's been telling them which is being unhealthy. They know that shit

So this pic that is at the corner of the page is the pic that I am going to use all my campaign. The reason I came up with this to show the different body types. There are people who are pear shaped, people who are Little People, people who are tall and lengthy and so much more.

And what I want to tell everyone and I did check and it is my own wording... Tyra didnt say the exact thing but same idea.

Beauty come in all shapes, all sizes, and in different colors.

I purposely made everyone different and what you might not notice but I put the ones that are the most recognizable at the end, the most that are resembling to a man and a woman, and the reason that I do that is because there is how we think of as men and as women but we have more than that. We have the rest between that.

Another thing that I did that we wont noticed is that I made the bodies not symmetrical, because we are not. And that's ok.

Being perfect is boring. And being human is beautiful because no one is perfect.


This past weekend, I was in NYC. I was in the SoHO area, and I decided t visit these three places, one of thiem is Droog.


Droog is all about thinking from a different perspective which I think is so awesome, because that is what we need. NOOO not just thinking outside the box but think from a different position.

They think of what we want but make it into a totally different art form and in a way that we didnt think of before. Like, the solutions are simple and in front of our eyes but we dont put them together.

The first piece I'm going to talk about is this long seat and the first thing that comes to my head is the word mobility. Like I said.. the solution was so simple yet we dont think of it. They had this long like a little simple bench, but on top of it, there were marbles everywhere. Then they put on this circular seat on top. What you can do is then move your butt while on the seat anywhere on the bench and its like WOW. This is so cool. This piece was all about function. Of course theyre gonna make it pretty because its a product and you have to care about making it look pretty. But it was decorative. It just had this simple shape to it. And they took a simple shape with simple objects and make it into this new and improve thing. It was so cool.

When I saw this, I thought of when being in the office and there is tho table for all of your work then there is the table with you computer. And there is the section for files. To me, you can move around on this seat. It was just amazingly cool and innovative with simple things and making it look easy be cause we know that it was easy to think of something like that.

Thats my favorite piece at Droog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oma, Japan's Bluefin tuna

In Japan's Oma is such a place for people to go for tuna. And here... we're not talking about a 30 pounder... we're talking over 200.

A fisherman finally caught a tuna but it was much more than that. They called it the winning of the lottery. It has dark flesh. It brought a couple dozens of tourists to taste this fantastic winning. The price for this was up at $10,000. A 220 pounder all cut up in size of brick blocks for sale.

Problem occurred:

A couple of decades ago, each boat that goes out would get about a dozen of tuna but... today, if they're lucky, they would get half a dozen combine.

The mayor of that town said that it was terrible because since there are more tourists, there is festival which leads to more demand of tuna. He's a bit upset that the government hasnt done anything to make this stop because its messing up the population of the tuna and that the fish arent reproducing fast enough.

Also, another problem could be that there are people from other region of Japan or even from neighboring countries like China or Taiwan.

I believe there needs to be rules and regulations for this or there wouldnt be any fish for people to eat in Oma.

President Obama overrides racism

President Obama doesnt believe that what happen at his speech by Joe Wilson was racist.

He understands that there are people who dont agree with him because of his race but there are people who voted for him cause of his race too. So we have to understand that there are people of both sides.

The president had his time with CNN's John King... and say that this happens to every president whether its gonna be Bush or FDR, which I totally think that its true.

What happened was that a conservative said that Barack Obama lies. Wilson did not call him the "N word". There are no evident that proves that there was amy form of racism in this situation. This is from the logically point of view.

What I think is a little bit different. I believe there are racist people in the government and are against our president. I know there are, because there will always be racist people. Period... well at least this time. Possibly. Joe Wilson could be apart of that. We do not know. But being a minority... I think that it COULD be racist. I'm not saying that it is. But it could be.

I believe that the president is doing such n amazing job and that he's doing the right thing, which is him trying to move past it. He says that he doesnt think that it was a racial slur at all. He is trynig to move away from all of that; it is such a good example for all of to take after because if the president want us to move past race and not look at the color of our skins then why do we need to keep focusing on it.

I believe he is doing a great job.