Thursday, March 18, 2010

the start of my materials proj

i messed around with some stuff... but its a hot mess if i have to have it flat pack and shit... so its a bit of a problem but its worth trying

Here are the Sketching and the Marquettes for the lighting project

I started with these cuts and drawings but... i didnt know what the fuck I was doing.

So my professor wanted me to just trace and look at the designs

Then from those... i did some marquettes and this is the first one

But its a little bit too... structures and cells are not structured. and i could do one big piece nd have a tab in the back

then i did more marquettes.

Then the next marquette is

The problem that i found out was that it wasnt equal on top sooo if i was going to put a shape in the middle to hold up the light bulb... its a problem.. and the problem in the bottom is that... it doesnt stand evenly... its tilted

i like it when compositions are balanced... i mean... this could be balanced if its a 2d piece but its not balanced for 3d... like as a design and the standing of it.

so this is how the the last one came to be

the dark lines and medium shade line and the light mean... the light and med and dark vectors that i will be putting on it to give the 3 d look. and if it doesnt show during the light on.. its fine but when its off... you can see that.

a good lamp has good designs while on or off...

this is what it looks like when its lid up

Materials 1 Object 3 Materials

With this project, its about HYPE... meaning we have to create something inspired by an issue.

My issue was about body image. This one, I want to be a little bit more of an avant garde twist.

My concept is that our exterior is what protects us but its also something that gives us our weakness.

I wanted to make a headpiece that covers up your entire face so that people cannot see anything. so that they wont be judging anyone. but i also want to show the shoulder off because the shoulder is part of a body that doesnt age really....

So i looked up the history of armors

here are some facts:

-the modern day armor is the police vest, but unlike the past... its not all metal... but it includes fabric for comfort.
-tracing back... in the 1700's ish.. th. british military outfit is red because it shows that they have money. red is a color that is hard to find in nature. but thats what gave them their position when they fight. so thats how the military suit of today came to be.

armors started with humankind because we need protection and that started with animal skin. and later wood and metal were used.

with the archaic times like achilles ish... they had alot of shields, gloves, helmets and breastplates.


and when we say a medieval, we automatically think the whole face cover thing... thats what we call corinthian


Start of The Lighting Project: Biophotons

I thought it would be cool if there were cells that emits light. Because this project is about a lighting system, whether its going to be a candle holder or a lamp.

I decided to design a lamp that hangs from the ceiling. I wanted the texture to be inspired from cells. And after researching... I found cells that are called Biophotons. They are cells that emits light.

A definition of it is.... "weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum in other words.... light"

Some of the facts about this are:

- all living things such as animals and plants all have biophotons but those cannot be seen with our naked eyes
- with biophotonic emissions, its possible to distinguish between healthy cells and cancerous cells
-the lights are located in the nuclei of the DNA cells
- these web of lights from biophotons can even connect organs and tissues and cells
- maintains communication network

After finding out about these things, I looked up on the pictures of biophotons but also i lookedu p the pictures of the nuclei of DNA because it might be harder to find pic of biophotons, and since there are lights are from nuclei, I thought it would have been cool to even include the center of DNA.

Here are the some of the pictures that i work from. Wanna find all the pictures... go to 3Jewelpy Blog