Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hydrophobic Lotus

There was a mystery why the water was repelling on the lotus leaf.

There was a lot of speculation but what they know is that there are lots of texture with leaf.

Whet they were trying to do is basically create this effect in the lab. But to make the water repel really well was something that they were missing in the lab and that was the vibration because usually the leaf stands really alone on the stem. So there are a lot of vibrations.

So to make vibration happen in the lab... they went to RadioShack and then the vibration happens then.

All you need is 60 hertz

Washington's Gays for Domestic Rights

In Washington state... the question rises about the domestic partner rights. But this article is more than just... whats happening is that... there are people who are signing the petition about these rights.

The problem is some of the people who signed this petition does not want to be sharing their names to the public due to their safety. Usually, this is fine to the freedom of the speech right and all those shit. But when using this petition in court for verification, its not going to work because they need to names to make sure that its not fraud.

And with the internet, if the names leak out... then its going to be everywhere because you can connect in the internet from basically everywhere. So that's a little bit rough. The protection of privacy and identity in this case os being challenged.

Even o professor from the UCLA Law School specializing in the First Amendment is even saying that the "public access these days is really public access."

The question continues