Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tech Ideas From Twitterland

This is not gonna be a long post but what I really find interesting in the newspaper was about what we want... and how we found it on twitter.

Ok... so Steve Jobs, the Apple guy as you know it. Came back out of in jury.. with a new iPod Nano that has widescreen and a fuckin camera.

I'm seriously thinking that... could we add anymore camera into things in our life? That's what i wanna leave with yall.

And finally witht he twitter, some shit that they came up with is kinda good.

A kinetic motion charging cell phone... I mean we have it for watch... thats moneyyy.

orrr the other one that i really like is the keyboard that could pop out crums...

for me, i dont use tho qwerty keyboard like everyone else. I use Dvorak... seriously... they need to make a kefboard that doesnt have that letters on it. but have light show through it when you change you keyboard style.

But What i have a problem with is... how could we get even more camera into our lives? thats alll im saying

Newspaper #1 Being a democrat... you know what I'm gonna task about

So... lemme talk about Obama's speech.

WAIT... NO... LEMME TALK ABOUT THE FUCKIN REPUBLICANS who are fuckin rude enough to "boo" the president who was giving a speech on one of the biggest problems in the US.

How dare you dumb asses boo our president who is trying to give a really important speech. When they were booing him... it was when he said that the illegal immigrants will not have health insurance.... well duh and now they're calling him a liar.

Illegal immigrants wont be able to get it anyways. So what was the point of booing him? Yeah fuckers.

Health care in this country is soooo expensive. So many people in this country just cannot afford it. Per person... its about 200-300 dollars.

I know that people are thinking... oh its not that much but are you kidding me? When its not just you.. its your whole family... your kids... your husband... your wife. It really adds up.

What Barack Obama is trying to do is to make it accessible to everyone in this country by making it lower in cost and not having the health care providers turn individuals away whose had previously existing condition.

From experience... I know this lady who had cancer and the provider tried to send this paper full of rubbish on how their insurance would cover the cost. Well she thought that it was a bit weird. So she didnt sign shit. A couple of months later... they started paying for the cancer cost.

These people who are suppose to help us dont help us but actually are hurting us. If theyre gonna hurt us... it makes us think of why should we have insurance if its gonna cost us a lot too?
Thats stupid. Either help us or dont help us.

This is whats good about his plan is that its going to help us. There are those fuckers... who dont wanna get it and cant pay for the shit that they go through. Well fuckers... its tax payer like me that have to pay for your shit. And you say how you dont give a shit. Welll think of yourself that if you have to pay for oher peoples shit all the time, the shit that they get and you get stuck paying for it. GEE... I wonder how youd feel.

The president says that this is going to provide us security and stability.... welll bitches.... if it does... welll we know that our president is the shit.... if he cant..... he's a fuckin liar and then we'll know how he is.

Yes I am a democrat.... I'll admit it. But at the same time... we are a country of freedom. There should be a choice for people who dont want health care too. Because... we are not a communist.

BUT... going back to my original point, if its hurting someone else... then we need to put a stop to it.

Thats my view on it. So how it ends up... I dont know. But I think we should have health care that will provide stability for everyone NOT just people who already have it.

We have come soo far for this plan. Its been furthest along than its ever been,which is amazing.

From Roosevelt now to Obama... its taken almost a century... I think its time for this action to move forward.