Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guerilla Marketing Tactics

The Guerilla Marketing Tactic is something that was defined by Jay Conrad Levinson.

It is a tactic that create a buzz and provoke feelings. When using this method, it should be something small, cos those tend to work better. It should be something that is in the public's eyes. It should be working on the human psychology becos its the first thing that is going to affect our thoughts. You want to evoke the shit that comes to our first mind first. You dont want to care of what other businesses are thinking but you want to think of what the consumers are thinking cos you want them to think what you want them to think.

Do Good Design by David Berman

When we design any form of products, we need to not only make a good design... like Berman said... do good.

In 1997, designers had to redesign the emergency sign in the airport of Germany. Why did we have to do that?? Because it was too small and people died from the result of poor design of the necessity. NOw we fuckin know that we need to design it with a purpose and a beauty. As Bill Max said.. we need to put in 90% for the function and something to work and the other 10% to make it more beautiful. Our job is to not only make something beautiful but make it work. As designers, we need to have a voice.

How we decide to do shit.. it is up to us. But we obviously know that its a world of business. When I think of this situation... I think of the quote that I live by, "Take what they give you, but dont just imitate or duplicate it, but mold it and shape it to your own use."

We get a job. We do what they want but we want to do it our way that they are satisfied with and that we get our message across.

We are not gonna be just designing to the people but we need to be designing for the people. That is totally important. We think of it as... we need to please them but what we need to do is make their life better. Just because they have our product doesnt mean that they're gonna be better. They're happy cos they they have shit, not cos they affected by shit.

Edward R. Murrow said how the instrument give us ability but it doesnt determine our ending. Just because the world around provide us with the ability to provide... doesnt mean that its going to determine our lives. WE alone determines our lives.

The future that is held in front of us is the project for all; to some, it is a project to use it better, to operate it smoother, and to make it stronger, but to many of us, it is to destroy it faster.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What is design skills?

Design skills to me are skills that you need to do any form of designing.

The things that you need for designs to work:

-Story Telling
-Visual Communication


You have to make sure that everything is recognizable... if people arent able to make a connection to your piece of work... hows anyone going to be able to understand our piece? and if we dont then our design is not gonna change the world. As designers, we have to manipulate patterns that are going to create meaning in people's mind. And that's truly important. Also what it needs is to tell a structured story and message.

With the story telling... what you need to know is the fact that we need to make it clear. The question we need to ask them is why do you wanna hear about this? Why do you want this product? It needs to tell people why they need to give a shit about what you're doing.

With the visual communication, we need to be able to show the data that we have collected in and show it in a human way of communication. Not only that, we need to give it points of view... multi paints of views. Because it would give it a message of what we are trying to say with what we produce.

And our final step into making that final product amazing is to think of what the outside see. Because we are tryin to figure out what the consumers want. It is soo important, to give what the consumers want and still make a difference. That is so important.

Design thinking:

Personally, its about thinking about the future. You need to think how we can improve the world. Just think outside the box. Its all about innovation.

To do "design thinking" this is what you need:

"define, research, ideate, prototype, choose, implement, and learn" got this from wiki

those are the shit that you need to do.

Creativity is also something we need. its simply THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. PERIOD