Thursday, November 26, 2009

Will Philips sits down to stand up

A student from Arkansas named Will Philips has sit down to stand up.

He is 10 years old. He wants to become a lawyer and he was analyzing the Pledge of Allegiance. And he said that it says... with liberty and justice for all.

He said that America doesnt have equal rights for gays to get marry. And there are still sexism and racism. He said refuse to stand up to the pledge.

That week, there was the substitute teacher and she got irritated with him on the fourth day and he told her to go jump of a bridge.

He refuses to stand up to it. He's not even gay but he is making a stand even when people call him gay wad. He wouldnt even stand up.

I am soooo proud of this boy.

Lampert fights back

During the AMA Award, Adam Lambert, a runner-up on American Idol who has never been in the closet, he said that he got carried away and his job is to perfect. His performance was very pansexual which includes female and male getting near his crotch. Well that wasnt the problem.

The problem was not when Adam Lambert made out with a musician who was on the keyboard. Like a full on makeout. It was pretty hot.

The problem was when Good Morning America cancelled his appearance. It was pretty ridiculous. There was a group which I'm not sure about, but they were the ones that make sure that everything is suited for children even defended Lambert. It was a night show and he was performing to an audience. I thought that it was a good performance.

Adam Lambert is saying how there is a double standard to this. He feels and I agree that if there were two hot chicks doing it, then it would be okay. But because it's a guy doing it, it's suddenly different and tabooed.

The problem even went onto so many things like Him being on the cover of OUT magazine and his reps are feeling he is too gay. But... if kris Allen was to be on the cover of that magazine, it would totally be okay. That is totally not fair.