Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucy... someone fuckin topped youuuu!!!!!

As some of us knows about Lucy, she was the structure that we found earliest ever and how we humans have come from the mutation of monkeys and how we are closely related.


we found someone else whos gonna take lucy's place.

this skeletal structure that we found has prove that we humans are not derived or comes from Monkeys as we suspected but in actuality, our species have a common ancestors and each of us took a different path in human evolution then we changed into what we are.

But yes we still are very closely related but we didnt come from them... we came from the same things but not from each other.

Lohan for Ungaro

Since we took a trip to NYC a couple of weeks back and how it was amazing and that fashion week was going on, which was cool.

Talking about fashion, Lindsay Lohan has taken over a position at Emanuel Ungaro, a designer who is super well-known as a Fashion House that sells couture for more than $1500.

But at this moment, ever since Lohan has gotten a position, the press and fashion critics said... she should have stayed an actress.

I do agree with the critics a bit when they talk about how the clothes were either loose or tight to the point that it looked painted onto the models. I think as a designer, I believe it wasnt just 1 collection I saw, it more like two.

I had this dress that was flowing and beautiful then there were jackets that was not fitting the model well.

BIG PROBLEM: What the fuck is up with the heart thing!!! I was so wrong that I almost shed tears.

Solution from Ungaro... he said he hired Lohan for the publicity, whether its good or bad, its still publicity. So he basically hired her to get more customers through her fame.