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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some pic of the finished product

some of my models for chairarium


reference picture

How our process came to be

All these are trials and errors which sucks but whatever... it leads us to what we need to accomplish. so there are really good things that we did. alot of experimentation.

the one here... we did some exture but you cant real/ly see it from this picture with gesso... cause we wanted to see if there were ways that we ca create with texture.

i thougtt of maybe... having the pipes textured like a log then paint it brown so that it could be like... plant inside a plant... DOUBLE GREEN attack.
the one here... we spray painted different colors to try. and the colors that we have were paprika, azzurro and giallo. i personally didnt like the colors together that much... individual... lovedd ittt
then we went onto brown paint and it was next to the blue. and i love itttttttt.
here we have some wood stain. and elise decided to stain the pipes with it... ummm... not so well turned out
these were our tubes that we cut. the first round and it just didnt work out that much because the tabs and slots were tooo thin. it didnt fit right and it was just wobbly. so just didnt like it as much.
here were some more cut tubes and the fractured one. at the bottom of this picture... we cut some that were half circles but we had a problem using the tabs and slots with these. soo they were a no-no.
doing some magic

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Junkyard

How we got these pipes... its pretty awesome.

i called this place and it's the closes to Towson and it's called Modern Junkyard. And we called them first and asked if there are pipes and they said yes. so we drove all the way to Baltimore. and we were in the middle of the hood.

We didnt take a lot of pictures. Because we were in the middle of the hood ane Megan wanted to take some pics and I was scared man... me and elise said hell no. so megan pretended to be checking her message. we paid 40 dollars for all the pvc pipes. it was great!!!!!


We started brainstorming of what we want to do and there we so many things that we thought of.

we started to talk about what we actually want to make.

and we agree that we want a furniture. and we also agree that we wanted something that was changeable.

and we kept looking at things.

but that kinda changed our idea.

what happened was i just said..... "i know it's impossible but what if we have a change and have plants grow inside it?" and elise said... ohhh like a terrarium. it's like an aquarium but with plants.

so that's how our idea came by. and we thought of what we wanted. and i believe sustainability is taking trash and turning it into something that is new and worth something. because if we were to tak. a pure material then there is no point because i think that it's kinda stupid and that is not being aware of nature and that's a waste of the natural materials.

for some reason, we looked up and we saw the pipes and i said... lets have PVC pipes that they throw away. and we want to make chairs.

while i was trying to say terrarium... i cant really say that word and messed up. and elise said... ohhhhh CHAIR-A-RIUM!!!