Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We started brainstorming of what we want to do and there we so many things that we thought of.

we started to talk about what we actually want to make.

and we agree that we want a furniture. and we also agree that we wanted something that was changeable.

and we kept looking at things.

but that kinda changed our idea.

what happened was i just said..... "i know it's impossible but what if we have a change and have plants grow inside it?" and elise said... ohhh like a terrarium. it's like an aquarium but with plants.

so that's how our idea came by. and we thought of what we wanted. and i believe sustainability is taking trash and turning it into something that is new and worth something. because if we were to tak. a pure material then there is no point because i think that it's kinda stupid and that is not being aware of nature and that's a waste of the natural materials.

for some reason, we looked up and we saw the pipes and i said... lets have PVC pipes that they throw away. and we want to make chairs.

while i was trying to say terrarium... i cant really say that word and messed up. and elise said... ohhhhh CHAIR-A-RIUM!!!

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