Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When talking about Sustainability... the world originally comes from Latin "sustinere" and in modern day of Italian "sostenere" meaning to support or sustain, has been change in the past twenty years.

It divided into three systems. One is the eco part, which is retaining the natural resources. The second is the chemical cycle and how there are constant changing of the matters. And third... the economy.

All of these tie into each other and how we are using up the natural resources to make things for the people and with that we need energy to keep going with all of these process. Not only that we turn the natural resources into things that are not recyclable like plastic. We can renew it. But most of the time, we dont throw it in the recycling bin and those plastics get toss into a landfill where they basically will remain there for the rest of time.

The Definition of Sustainable from dictionary.com:
sustainable |səˈstānəbəl|adjectiveable to be maintained at a certain rate or level : sustainable fusion reactions.
-ecology (esp. of development, exploitation, or agriculture) conservingan ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.
able to be upheld or defended : sustainable definitions of good educationalpractice.
The intention of sustainable design is to eliminate the negative impact and future negativity with the usage of design skills.
There are many definitions of sustainable design, such as production without non-renewable materials or none-biodegradable with the least minimal impact to Mother Nature or enlightens the people to the issue of sustainability and how we can make it better.
There are different beliefs when it comes to this issue. Many believe that we can use materials that can be biodegradable or using cottons that dont use chemicals or use leathers that use natural dye. But with that, the issues comes up with things like... during that process, are you sure that it really is sustainable? Because though we are using natural leather, the process that the manufacturing company is using could be bad.
did you know that the cotton industry uses 1/4 of the world's pesticides?
There are so many things when it comes to the principle of sustainable design:
1. Using materials that will affect the nature the least. In the natural ways, the one's waste is the other's food. So we need to keep that cycle. If we create things that cannot be recycle then we will keep making it and all it will do is go deep into the underground of our planet.2. Using less energy, because if factories are using more energy, where is that energy coming from??? Natural Resources, of course.3. Design for reuse and recycling. Reason being is number 14. Design for carbon footprint.5. Design for needed
Sustainable Materials are materials that fulfills the Green requirements such as organic cotton that doesnt use any pesticides and knowing where these materials come from. Bamboo is a great way to use make actually structural objects and also, it can be use to make fabrics which are actually quite soft.
Others like myself, when thinking of sustainability, I think of not using pure materials. I would not want to make a Green object with pure cotton or using bamboo. But I would like to use materials that can be find at junkyard or landfills.

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