Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gay Activists March on DC

Well . today was the Equality March in DC.

It is such an emotional thing for me to talk about, since it affects me directly. I wasnt present at the March but I am so happy that so many went and help all of us to go forward in the civil rights movement anymore.

What I love about this is that, its hard having people my age, the 20s, at March or things like this. But its the first time that people like me went there and made all the others gays proud.

I am soo happy. The problem that came up ws when Obama came to HRC's gala the night before that he is going to end dont ask dont tell. But he never said when.

Or that he talk about how health care is this and that... but he doesnt tell us how its going to work for the LGBT community, because the US can deny the marriage of 2 individuals of the same sex.

And about prop 8, what I have a problem with is the fact that Obama didnt even agree with it and he didnt say SHIT.

In the article, even straight couples were there to support us and say that they needed to be there, because if one group is getting deny of their rights then how are any of us safe???

To me... that is soooo powerful. I am sooo proud of our people, From the start of the Stonewall Generation to the Equality March of the Prop 8 Generation.... we will continue to fight. And much love to Lady Gaga, we definite are the most beautiful gay fans in the world!!!!!

Il Nobel a Obama

L'articolo di La

Il presidente degli USA ha vinto Il Nobel per la pace. Che cosa ha fatto per il mondo???? Ascoltatemi, mi piace il nostro presidente, Barack Obama molto. Lei e una personna che ha dato lo speranza e il ispirazione per molti americani dopo il presidente scorso, una idiota, Signor G.W. Bush.

Adesso, vuole un mondo senza armi nucleari e i contrasti tra la razza e il religione, e li vorrebbe verde. Capisco tutti il desideri. Ma anche la cosa che il stompe ha detto e la verita.

Ci sono molte intenzione ma l'azioni non arrivano ancora.

Lei e il grande problema con Gli Stati Uniti. Ci sono molte intenzione ma non ci sono molti azioni.

Barack Obama ha vinto Il nobel per la pace, ma Ghandi.... GHANDI non ha un Nobel. Qui la personna che VOI pensate dovere il Nobel? OBAMA o GHANDI????? AHHH Buona scelta!!!!