Thursday, April 8, 2010

2nd Model and Marguette for my Hype Helmet

This was my final design for it.

My concept is about how our skin... our exterior is what protects us but it gives us our weakness.

I was inspired by this show that was on E Online!! There was a girl who had dwarfism and people with tumors and the tree man.

It makes me think of how people sees us. So I want a helmet that covers most of our face, a feature that people focus on. But... I made it where you can see part of a face because... I want people to think... I see their face... but is the rest of them going to look like that or is there something else that is underneath that surface?

It's about seeing things that are more than skin deep.

With the pattern and texture, I went back to the skin part of our body. And I wanted the patterns to be inspired from the cells of the skin. Cells are structured but it also is organic and is moves freely just like roots of the tree. So I didnt want the helmet to be completely solid but has some spaces to show that it is branching out like cell structures.

1st Model For the Hype Proj

This was a hot messs

Monday, April 5, 2010

RememberDiana Eng from PR season 2??/

Mobius Strips are strips that when you cut in half... they make the strip actually longer... sooo seee her magic


Talking about flat pack things

Miss thang has her line of laser cuts tooo