Monday, November 16, 2009

DOOMSDAY... not happening

ok... we've been talking alotta shit about OHH we're gonna fuckin die in 2012. this is a fuckin scientific fact... its not gonna fuckin happen.

according to scientists, there is no planet or any form of shit that is going to happen. the sun will not be moving and collidin into us. but what could happen is the fact that there could be an earthquake in CALIFORNIA> WHOAAAAAAAAAA



this is something that we totally did not know before and that we are totally saying that this could happen.

alot of scientist said that they actually hate that there are people who are tryin to make money of shit like this. and its crazy. well fuck YEAHH i agree with him.

and they say how the sun is not gonna be the center of our solar system... noo... that is not true either. what is true is the fact that and this is according to NASA... people make shit UPPP...


A setback in Maine

OKKK THIS IS IT you dumb fucks.


MAINE... youre fucking crazy. im gttin really piissed off right now!!!

So lookin at this article, im thinkin WTF.

I dont mean to be mean but maine... what is wrong with this picture??? EVERYTHING

im sorry and yes i am bias about this but.... you can pass a law on making weed illegal but you cant even let 2 people who love each other get marry. this is getting a bit ridiculous. I feel like I mention this so much but how can this country call itself a free nation when its only free sometimes? this is not that cool. its totally not that cool. you arent gonna let people get marry because they are the same gender but you are willing to pass a law that is basically giving people weed.

Same sex marriage was repealed witth 53% of the votes and marijuana got it with 59%. that is a bit crazy because i think its totally unfair. im sure if a state is willing to give people drugs... im sure they could let people who love each other get marry. but with this one... the answer is a NO. CRAZYYYYYYYYYY