Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nokia has a problem with America

Nokia is a Finnish cell phone company that is the #1 top selling. They us GSM technology which uses Sim Card. People like AT&T has that. But people who have Verizon doesnt have that. It totally has fucked up their sales in the states.

But looking at the future, dude... Verizon is making their next generation of cell phones to be GSM anyways. So its like... duhhh.... theyre not gonna be that bad any longer.


Nerfititi Statue is demanded back in Egypt

Egypt at this moment is requesting that the museum in Berlin return the Statue of Nerfetiti back to Egypt. How funny is it that the government is totally involve with it now?

This was found after the World War where this place that its at was actually destroyed but its cool that its there now. But Egypt is totally demanding that Germany hand the statue over to them now. The question was how did an Egyptian statue manage to get outside of its home country all the way to Berlin. And it gets better, the Egyptian side said that... how could something like that be in Berlin and it probably was taken illegally and if it was then they must have it back.

And of course, the German side said that they have legal documentation of it actually leaving its country.

IT GETS BETTTER.... love how these fuckers are arguing how this and that is theirs. But shit, neither of them has got any proofs that either of them can have it legally. Wow... smart there. Both of you.

Creative Caffeine Proj #2

I had an idea for my first project and the concept is "Trash to Beauty".

I wanted to make jewelry made out of cardboard because it's something that we throw away a lot and I want it to be something that we all can produce since we have this material. I really like that a lot. I like how when I look on the outside, it's geometrical and plain but when you look on the inside... it has all these organic shapes and I love that.


Thats the thing and I'm totally into... and thats how I came up with what I wanted to do