Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pics of the AVM project

To explained what happened. I basically had to whip this up in 2 days due to certain circumstances...

My problem was being cold. And I wanted to make 3 piece. These were inspired by cells. I wanted to make something that was squared based because in cellular structure... there are guanine, thymine, adenine, and cytosine. And those simple 4 makes up the DNA.

So i wanted to go with a square... First one I had was about more scattered pieces because cells are scattered pieces that make this beautiful thing and that its a little bit more organic. and in the back it has a d-ring to tie it together

skipping to the third, it was a more structure like DNA because dna gives us structure. And i wanted to bring that. and also... it has the dring for putting it on easily.

going to number due... i wanted to make a piece that in between. so it has the structure in the white and the red is a little bit more distressed.

and there are my 3 pieces!!!

Here are the products.